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Many lessons. learnt – loyalty, friendship, sharing, companionship…….. Rightly called ‘man’s best friend’
The reader too begins missing sweet Julie. Many lessons learnt – loyalty, friendship, sharing, companionship…….. Rightly called ‘man’s best friend’
The reader too begins missing sweet Julie

  • Marjoreen Machado

Beautiful Story !!! Wonderful expression of Love, commitment & Loyalty. Your story brought tears to my eyes, and took me down memory lane with joyful and sad episodes. I know many would agree with me especially all “Dog Lovers” and how saddened we are when we see stray dogs struggling to survive on the roads and are unable to bring them all home to stay with us.

Haris you are really talented writer, and you know just how to put your message accross in a very simple way !!! Bravo !!!

  • Michelle Antionette Suresh

Hi Haris, a heartfelt story, superbly written!


Tender Emotional story ! Wonderful writing. Your blog is an amazing way of getting spark of inspiration in short duration.

Every night at 11 in front of my home, lok sabha of Julie’s friends take place … I am so used to it that I kind of miss it when not at home …

Weaving of sentences at its best, super way of story telling, you have great emotional craftsmanship Harris, readers connect to it. Great work, keep it up and give us more articles.

  • Kusnoor

Lovely Article… Cheers !!! Really inspired by your thoughts and experiences brought out in writing. You not only speak about quiting the additions but to fulfil your dreams. Hope this article goes a long way…. and motivates many addicts to quit and live a life of their dreams !!!

  • Michelle Antionette Suresh

Awesome article! Makes you think deeply. So many times I have missed meeting friends for lunch or visiting my family….just because we know what’s happening at the other end through WhatsApp and Facebook. Yes really we are missing out a lot in life.
Online Cemetery 

  • Sallu

A profoundly poignant insight of your childhood. Beautifully woven story – went straight to my heart!

  • Marjoreen Machado

I liked the way you established connection from George’s story to axe analogy. We cannot expect different result if we continue doing the same thing!

  • Theja

It’s really heart touching and true to the core, I strongly believe in compassion of animals rather than. ……

Ishrath unnisa

All about beauty comes in many ways.. I could relate for one such experience which I had forgot until I read this article. Nicely framed.




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