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Procrastination is not your destination

One fine morning, I decided to run towards my goal!

I went out with my running gear to reach that elusive hill-top but retrieved because my legs gave up and I got tired. At that moment this truth-seeking thought struck to me at a lightning speed “why we delay in accomplishing important things in our lives & if good things come to those who wait, is procrastination a virtue or a devil in disguise?

I made a mental note to write an article on the topic “procrastination.”

After reaching home, instead of scribbling down notes, I decided to read the newspaper. In addition, I watered plants and then cleaned bookshelf.  The idea of writing was whirling over my head like a nimbus, but prior to kick starting this much awaited determined task, I considered to take a shower to get fresh before spilling fresh flow of ideas into my word document.

Do you know, subconsciously, I was getting indulged in a DELAY TACTICS and to further defer this task, I had formed mental images which created pseudo barriers as obstacles. An obstacle convincing me that I am okay and what I am doing is right.  “The worst form of guilt for me was thinking about writing an article on procrastination, feeling bad and not doing anything about it.”

Have you ever wondered why we find ways to procrastinate important events and goals in our lives?

Have you ever wondered why we end up working hard to make ourselves believe that we are busy and compromise in pushing the important task a little ahead?

The billion dollar question is why do we procrastinate?

It is definitely not due to lack of time, we procrastinate due to lack of direction. You know everyone in this world, whether it is the President of a Billion Dollar Inc or a Millionaire, whether it is you or me, we will all have the same amount of time, we all have exactly 1440 minutes each day to play, work, relax and do whatever we feel like doing with our life.

When I got my first job, I wanted to give my father a surprise. I choose to gift him a branded formal suit, those days the cost of formal men’s wear was way beyond my reach compared to my meager take-home salary.

The first month, I could hardly save, second and third month’s savings were not enough? Now, when I looked back to reflect the events, I knew that I had hardly missed my weekly movie session and dining in restaurants with friends during weekends. I could have saved a substantial sum to buy a decent branded suite only if I would have changed my lifestyle and have adhered to my plan.

Many times procrastination will not give you another chance. This realization sucked me very hard, so hard that even after a decade, I am still recovering from the blow.  That wretched evening, I got an emergency call and rushed home to see my father. I never thought he would leave so soon and forever without giving me a chance to fulfill my desire. He died in my arms. I was always a daddy’s boy and his death engulfed me in a sea of grief and I underwent the roller coaster of emotional turmoil when I lost him. I was so young, I needed him my side to guide me and protect me, but he left me without even giving me a chance!

Sometimes life will not give you a chance, procrastination will not give you a second chance, how I wish if I can get one, I can do anything about it now.

The big question is, is it possible to overcome procrastination?

Psychologist feels that it is an amalgamation of anxiety, high expectations, fear of failure and criticism which makes us indulge in this delayed tactic which subconsciously tells us to switch on doing something insignificant and not so important thing.

Please remember, it is okay to fail, what matters most is your strong belief and undeterred determination to go towards your goal again and again and again till you get it. Period!

This age-old saying “failure is a stepping stone for success,” was hundred percent true, it is okay to fail. When you step up to change your life to lay stairs to your dream, you will fail, many times. You are not a failure, just because you failed. It is natural and the law of nature that many times things will happen that you don’t want it to happen to you. Just believe, believe in yourself and move forward.

On my wish list, my plan was to gift my mother a gold pendant soon after I present a formal suit to my father, which I did not accomplish due to his untimely demise. This time I started saving certain sum every month and at the end seven months I had enough money to buy that pendant.

When I gave her that small pendant on her birthday, she was so happy that I do not think I can really express those feelings. At this very moment, I still feel and see my reflection in her beautiful eyes. These eyes carried tiny tears of priceless joy that nothing, not even that heaven if I get, will substitute. Out of all better pieces of jewelry she had, I remember her proudly wearing that little pendant for over ten years before she bid adieu to this world.

My friends hold your hand close to your heart, ask these questions? I am I unleashing the true potential in me? I am I content with slow-paced life because I am afraid to develop a sense of urgency in attaining my goals? Who are you and what are you planning to be? To answer these questions you need the courage and some efforts to find answers to your questions.

Let us all attempt to realize the depth of this age-old saying “Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.” Get up and go ahead to retrieve your opportunity from the mother of all setbacks, PROCRASTINATION.

Go chase your dreams and when you get them, take care of it!

© Haris AW


One comment on “Procrastination is not your destination

  1. Ishrath unnisa
    June 16, 2018

    Number one culprit which stops us from achieving our goal is procrastination. Very touching article….


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