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Step out and reinvent

02 Think out of the box
You inherit two wolves from your surroundings and one of this will become your alter ego. You can discover this truth during the conversation between two lead characters of 2007 movie Pathfinder.

Starfire:                There are two wolves fighting in each man’s heart. One is Love, the other is Hate.
Ghost:                  Which one wins?
Starfire:                The one you feed the most.

Now the alluring question is which wolf are you feeding? You are lucky since you have an option to choose between these two wolves. All that you need to do is to pick one wolf and then nurture, feed, embrace it until that wolf’s character becomes an integral part of YOU!

Your life encircles around this choice, a Wolf called LOVE is a good Wolf which showers you with infinite possibilities. Whereas, HATE is a bad wolf which does an opposite – full of reasons and limitations.

Luckily, you are free to choose, and it is your choice, obviously, the one you feed wins! The paradox is that most of us sadly opt for the easiest choice which prevents us from stepping outside our comfort zone, metaphorically defined in Pathfinder as a Hate Wolf, a self-defeating boundary.

Once you ride on a Hate Wolf and start living within the boxed life, you begin a demeaning journey. This is because your vision cannot progress an inch outside this box. In the bargain, sadly you are deprived of an opportunity, even if one walks around you.

Lamentably, we prefer to live in a box because it is cozy, safe and offers loads of comfort. We are surrounded by abundant images of boxes everywhere. Say for example, your car, your office cubicle, your room, your television-computer-laptop- mobile all resembles like designer boxes.

Ironically, Merriam Webster dictionary defines coffin as a box? Those who enjoy living in boxes actually fritter their lives as zombies, who lifelessly wander around campuses as students and corporate offices as executives. They lead regretful life only to vanish one day without trace.

You know, outside these boxes, there is a whole new world which is worth exploring, a beautiful good wolf worth befriending. Although you may find comfort inside the box with bad wolf and get a feeling of having everything under your control because limits are so well-defined, everything is within reach, it is your known territory and you know nothing can go wrong within it.

Here are few example of individuals who befriended good wolf and went ahead beating all odds, they achieved what many think is impossible by stepping out of their boxed life.

Sergie Bubka with 35 world records competed against himself for over 16 years. He had no competitors to beat but, he kept on literally raising the bar every time and to this date, no one have bettered his record.

Amitabh Bachan was told that he can never be an actor; however, he is an Indian movie superstar and living legend now.

Steve Jobs an orphan and college dropout fought cancer and many odds before designing and redesigning Apple.

Narayanamurthy started Infosys with few thousand rupees and created history by listing his company at NASDAQ.

Whenever you take an example of any successful individual, you will surely witness that the trigger for success ignited only when they stepped out of their comfort zone.

All these individuals must surely had encountered many hurdles but their dream was too big to allow bad wolf to win their battle over good wolf. Their determination and passion for leaping out of their comfort zone had made difference in their lives.

Right now you may have this question, I may be living inside the box but how to get hold of a good wolf’s company to step out of my comfortable boxed life? Try doing this simple fulfilled adventurous venture.

When was it last you had taken advice from a child?

Do you think you can set your self-image aside and get into constructive conversation with a child by asking her how to repair a bicycle or seeking direction about how to play a game? It was astounding and humble feeling when I asked this kid about how to calculate using abacus, I learnt a new way when this five years old explained me the trick of game patiently and so beautifully.

When was it last you had spoken to someone who is not in your sphere of profession? Say for example, asking your apartment’s Janitor how does he manages to keep the whole building clean, how often he cleans, what are the cleaning agents he or she uses and what inspires them to continue doing this job.

Above actions will edify us that stepping out of one’s comfort zone will help us define a new paradigm. People who are successful are the one who seek knowledge from all sides, who do not hesitate asking for directions from anyone at any point of time.

Einstein once said that “Imagination Is More Important than Knowledge.”

Those who imagine they break barriers and go places. It makes no sense thinking about solving a problem created by you with same mindset. You need to change your way of thinking and only then you can find a solution.

You can bring in a whole lot of change in your life when you think out of the box!

All the best, go feed your good wolf.

© Haris AW


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